How have you been mixing your concrete?


How about mixing one bag in 30 seconds using our portable concrete mixer?

Pour Concrete & Water

Worlds Fastest Portable Concrete Mixer

There is no guess work involved one 60 lb. bag of pre-mixed concrete takes only one gallon of water and clean up is even easier just let dry and shake it out.

Mix For 30 Seconds

Worlds Fastest Portable Concrete Mixer

Our innovative new portable concrete mixer can be used indoors and hard to reach areas that the traditional wheelbarrow and shovel just can’t access. And remember your mix is ready in 30 seconds!

Pour Mix Into Your Form

Worlds Fastest Portable Concrete Mixer

It’s as easy as that just hold on to the handles and pour your mix out as the flipper automatically forms a spout. Now just let the flipper dry and shake it out. You are ready for your next job!


That’s right. You will mix perfect concrete every single time with our easy to remember mixture formula of ONE GALLON OF WATER PER 60 POUND BAG of ready-mix concrete! No more guessing, The Concrete Flipper is the smartest way to mix concrete, period!


Why The Concrete Flipper?

Mix a full bag of pre-mixed concrete every 30 seconds!

No need for additional equipment like wheelbarrows!

Easy to remember mixture formula for perfect concrete!

Doesn’t require gas or electricity to use!

Get consistent and professional results every single time!

100% portable and super easy carry around!




 Let The Concrete Flipper Make Your Life Easier